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Read and study the Italian Riverduta translation of the Bible
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Among the Italian translations of the Bible, the Riverduta Luzzi is the most used version among Evangelic and Protestant Christians in Italy. It was created by Giovanni Luzzi and published in 1924. This BibleMax module features this important version of the Scriptures, which is based on the Wescott-Hort version of the Gospels.

BibleMax is a free application that allows you to read, study and compare different versions and translations of the Bible. But not only that; its module-based structure lets you customize your program by adding as many different modules as you want. You can add Bibles in different versions and languages, as well as references such as dictionaries, maps, and commentaries by reputable Bible scholars. All these materials are very useful for clerics, scholars and serious Bible readers. The best part is that both the core program and the additional modules are absolutely free. Thus, if you want to read the Bible in Italian or compare this translation whit others, then you will find this module very useful. Also, if you want even more Bibles, commentaries and references, you can order the free CD-ROM containing dozens of extra modules. You'll only need to pay the P&H costs to receive it.

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